A platform with unrivalled product insights

AcuityMD removes the tedious research and guesswork from your sales process with accurate, up-to-date data on every opportunity for each of your products.

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A single source of truth for medical device professionals

AcuityMD is the only source for up-to-date information on every opportunity in the medical device industry. We integrate your sales data with proprietary market data, allowing commercial teams to uncover new opportunities and track existing product users with just one click.

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Detailed information on each healthcare provider by procedure, facility, and educational background.

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Automatic integration of first party data with medical device industry data not found anywhere else.

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Workflows and permissions designed around the way your team works.

Elevate your sales data with valuable opportunity details

See reliable, in-depth data on healthcare providers and their backgrounds that will help you build lasting relationships.

  • Procedural data covering 200m+ patients across the USA
  • Competitive product engagements and educational events attended
  • Fellowship and Residency backgrounds and training trees
  • HCP-Facility-IDN affiliations
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Share interactive dashboards across your teams

Visualize your sales data and collaborate across teams with customizable, intuitive dashboards.

  • Visualize internal sales data alongside external industry data for full visibility into your target market
  • Configure product-level dashboards to track penetration and product users across geographies
  • Set role-based permissions and share personalized dashboards by product and job function in one click
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Customize your experience to drive record sales

Give your reps access to target account data the way they need it, from wherever they are.

  • Automate segmentation based on your own unique criteria and growth initiatives
  • Manage target lists and dashboards from an intuitive UI that works on any device
  • Measure opportunity size, productivity, and penetration in real time as the market for your products evolve
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AcuityMD brings clarity to the complexity of the medical device market

See how AcuityMD can change the way you build customer relationships