Your CRM wasn’t built for this.

AcuityMD is a targeting platform for medical device companies that automatically uncovers new opportunities and keeps track of existing users across each of the products you sell. Stop the manual research and data entry and start connecting with your future users.

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Fully maintained database

Access clean, up-to-date industry data and detailed targeting information from the same platform.

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Flexible segmentation

Identify and quantify opportunities by volume, location, specialty, products, procedures, and more.

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Product-level visibility

We tailor your experience to surface the best targets and users across your product portfolio.

Leverage unique, valuable insights on the medical device market

Your job isn’t just about closing the sale. It’s about building long-term relationships with the healthcare providers who use your products to care for patients. AcuityMD integrates siloed information on facilities, providers, and the products their patients need so you can ask the right questions from day one.

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Reduce the cost of targeting and relationship building

General-purpose CRMs can get expensive, especially with complex multi-object relationships. Instead of spending hours a day manually entering data or hiring a full-time admin to keep up your database and research new prospects, AcuityMD maintains it all for you.

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Rally your team around the right opportunities

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For sales reps

Pinpoint the right HCPs and and Sites of Care, personalize your engagement, and forecast each opportunity accurately.

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For sales leaders

Empower your team and understand the value of your pipeline across products, accounts, IDNs, and geographies.

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For product managers

Track new launches, understand product adoption and market penetration, and keep everyone in sync on product initiatives.

See how AcuityMD arms your team with visibility into the medical device market