What did you do before working at AcuityMD?

I worked at HubSpot, a marketing and CRM software platform, for 4 years as a Tech Lead on a front-end team. I enjoyed the ability to work as a player-coach, both writing code and leading a team of engineers. My work there included some strategic product analysis, working as a triad (tech lead, product manager, and designer) to maximize customer value, assess risks and opportunities, and decide where to focus our energy next.

How did you land at AcuityMD?

I actually knew Mike [CEO and co-founder] from high school, and we stayed in touch through college, followed each other's careers, and always wanted to work together. This startup was a perfect overlap between our interests and abilities: my CRM and product experience from my time at HubSpot and Mike's career and deep interest in healthcare. Once I saw an early prototype of the software, I knew Acuity had the potential to transform how medical device commercialize their products. It's very gratifying to be able to work on something so early in its development, to have the ability to shape what it will become. As we continue to expand our engineering team, I'm focusing on making sure that our product isn't just powerful but also flexible and adaptable in the long-run.

What is your favorite thing about the company?

For one, the people here are wicked smart. I also really enjoy the autonomy of working at such a small company and the ability to wear multiple different hats. Without much role specialization, you have to be flexible and agile, which is a fun challenge. Our small size also meant that I was working on big, important projects that impacted our customers' experience basically from the get-go. It's very rewarding to know that you're having such a huge impact on the company from the very beginning.

You recently had a baby! How are you adjusting to being a parent?

Yes, I did! It's been amazing but also a bit hectic, as you might imagine. Very grateful that my wife and our newborn are both happy and healthy. I took 3 weeks of paternity leave starting a few days before the baby was born. That time was super helpful and let me enjoy time with my family and start to find a rhythm of parenting. Acuity's culture of Work From Home and unlimited PTO has also been a big help in getting to spend more time at home with the baby. I'm able to take a day or afternoon off whenever family time needs my attention, which is great because newborns can be pretty unpredictable.

I'll also use another 3 weeks of leave sometime in the fall as my wife starts to return to work herself. I really appreciate the flexibility of that and how much everyone at AcuityMD has supported me through this very exciting time.

What's the hardest thing about being a new parent? What's the most rewarding thing?

The hardest thing has been balance. There's a lot to juggle: work, home care, dog care. I just try to make sure everyone is healthy and happy and be open to constantly adjusting. I think now that I've been back at work for a few weeks, I've found a good rhythm. I have family time on my office calendar everyday, and everybody has been very respectful in honoring that time. It's been pretty busy, but I'm very grateful for my family and Acuity giving me the time I need to take care of them and be present.

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

My favorite animal is the octopus, but I don't necessarily want to be an octopus. I think I'll go with a whale because they're mammals, they're big and smart, and they can communicate well. Also, they cover massive space and can crest the oceans.

How was the recent AcuityMD retreat in Cape Cod?

Amazing! I feel more familiar with the team after meeting many people in person for the first time and reconnecting with everyone else. It was great to interact with team members with much different roles at the company whom I don't get to work with as much. Also, the lobster rolls were delicious!