Targeting made simple

Our platform helps sales and product teams reach their goals faster with instant access to targeted, customized data.

For sales reps
For sales execs
For product managers

Find qualified opportunities faster

Stop stitching together target lists from outdated websites or disparate spreadsheets. AcuityMD helps you organize your business around accurate market data and easily identify, quantify, and validate new opportunities.

  • Target your outreach by filtering opportunities by product, region, specialty, and more
  • Prepare for sales calls with a quick view of each HCP’s background, publications, competitive product relationships, and peer networks
  • Quantify opportunities across your target list with one click

Anticipate your customers’ actions

Potential commercial strategies

Identify surgeons likely to migrate their Hospital cases to ASCs

Identify and track relevant Residents and Fellows from key Teaching Hospitals

Identify relevant ASCs within and across different product lines based on procedural and surgeon mix

Dynamically prioritize customers and HCPs based on sales, product usage, and procedural volumes

Target new facilities or cross-sell opportunities at underpenetrated IDNs

Identify high-readmission hospitals for specific disease states

Streamline your targeting strategy on AcuityMD